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As you browse our web page, you will discover that our department provides a variety of exciting opportunities for students to engage in while progressing through the chemistry program. We offer a broad range of baccalaureate degrees in chemistry to prepare students for careers in teaching, medicine, forensics, research, and/or graduate studies in chemistry. The department also offers a master's degree through the Master of Science Natural Sciences program. Our classes are well structured and are conducted by a dynamic, world class, faculty who are dedicated to the success of each student. Moreover, our students work closely with the faculty on cutting-edge research projects in all areas of chemistry whereby they are able to obtain invaluable one-on-one training. Additionally, we encourage our students to present their research findings at state, regional, and national conferences to enhance and solidify their professional growth and development.



McGuire Thesis Defense Chemistry Masters
Ms. Jacqueline McGuire successfully defended her Master's thesis entitled "CATALYTIC OXIDATION OF METHANE OVER ALUMINA SUPPORTED PALLADIUM OXIDES" on 15th March, 2018.  Also pictured (right to left) are her mentor Dr. Anil Banerjee, CSU Chief of Staff Dr. John Lester, her husband Mr. Micah McGuire, Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences Dr. Dennis Rome, and collaborator Dr. Michel Bozack from Auburn University.



2018 Tower Day Logo Two students mentored by Chemistry faculty took home awards from the 2018 Tower Day. The Award for Best Oral Presentation went to Ms. Candice Tate (mentor: Dr. Rajeev Dabke) for her talk entitled Three-Dimensionally Printed Models for Blind and Visually Impaired Chemistry Students.  The Highest Award for Poster Presentation went to Mr. Jared Bies (mentor: Dr. Jonathan Meyers) for his poster presentation entitled Mechanism of Triazolium Salts on Breast Cancer Cells. 
If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research, we encourage you to visit our faculty research page.



2017-2018 Cott Scholar Honored

Cott Wilson

Senior Director of R&D at Cott Beverages David Ragland (left) and former VP of Science and Research Prim Virmani (right) attended CSU's Shannon Society Luncheon to honor the 2017-2018 Royal Crown Cola International Prem Virmani Scholarship winner Nicolas Wilson (center). Wilson was honored for his impressive community involvement in addition to his outstanding academic record.